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Each treatment begins with an assessment of your problem so we can make an accurate diagnosis. Our treatment is mostly hands-on and includes joint mobilizing, manipulation and stretching. If appropriate, electrotherapy modalities such as ultrasound and electrical stimulation may be used. Taping for postural correction or support and dry needling are other treatments that may be used.

We help you to assess your ergonomics and daily activities to prevent re-injury. Postural re-education and strengthening exercises are important components of ongoing good health. A home program will be developed with you so you can stretch and strengthen the injured area to provide the optimum conditions for healing. We will also help you decide what would be the best general exercise program for your fitness.

We deal with a wide range of musculoskeletal problems effectively with physiotherapy treatment

Neck pain and headaches: Often the result of poor posture and sedentary lifestyle

Back pain: From heavy or repeated lifting, child care, prolonged sitting or just that uncontrolled bend

Jaw pain: Called TMD it is usually a combination of facial and neck pain and is often the result of grinding your teeth due to stress

Back and pelvic pain during pregnancy: the extra weight of the baby and the relaxation of the ligaments make your joints more vulnerable to strain

Women’s and Men’s continence issues: especially following pregnancy or urology surgery

Sporting injuries: exercise is great but overexertion or uncontrolled movements can lead to muscle and joint strains

Balance problems: Many of these respond well to specific exercises prescribed by physiotherapists

General strains: When our bodies don’t move quite as well as we would like them to and need a “tune up”

Our physiotherapists do regular continuing education to keep up to date with the latest developments in treatment techniques to provide you with the best treatment available

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