City North Physiotherapy offers a wide range of clinical treatments. Our practitioners will decide what methods they think will best treat your problem. Some examples are manual therapy, massage, electrotherapy, therapeutic exercises, Pilates and stretching.

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City North Physiotherapists offer a wide range of clinical treatments including manual therapy, dry needling, remedial massage, electrotherapy and kinesiotaping. Most treatments also include exercise programs incorporating Pilates informed and evidence based exercises, stretching, foam roller and/or swiss ball exercises.

Our practitioners will design a complete recovery program based on your medical history, your symptoms and your goals.

neck massage treatment

Professional Sports &
Remedial Massage

Muscle tightness generally throughout the body or in specific areas can alter the way we move and contribute to injuries happening or pain developing.  Deep tissue massage relieves this tightness and allows us to move more freely.  Appropriate stretching and strengthening exercises following this treatment will help to maintain the freedom gained by the massage.

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One-on-one or Group
Exercise Classes

Pilates is a great way to improve your muscle strength so you can correct postural or overuse problems. Combining this with specific evidence based exercises will help you to recover from injury completely.

Our clinic runs one-on-one and two-on-one sessions so your exercise can be closely supervised. You will have an Initial Consultation first in which your problems will be assessed and you will be introduced to the Pilates principals, equipment and specific exercises. All sessions will last for one hour. We have a reformer plus tower, a stand alone tower and a spilt pedal chair plus small equipment to increase the focus of the exercises

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COVID-19 and City North Physiotherapy

City North Physiotherapy Clinic is very happy to see how well Melbourne has done to have not had any cases of Covid-19 for such a long time.

We are, however, still working in very close proximity to you, our patients, so we will still be wearing masks and we ask you to please bring a mask to your appointment.

Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to seeing you very soon.